My Brother Owen

This is my brother.  He is my greatest champion.  My best friend.  The guy that fought with me, listened to me and gave advice to me.  I am waiting patiently to see you again.  And , yes, brother, we will fish forever at Cedar Lake one day.  But for now, I want to honor you and all of your accomplishments.

First off, you are the best brother, ever.

You loved me unconditionally.  You knew my strengths and my weaknesses.  We played baseball, soccer, football, and hockey in the backyard.  You stayed up with me, slept with me, loved me and hated me.   You supported me.  You understood me.   

You are so dang smart, you don't even know it.  Congrats to getting into the U of M and UW-Madison!  I am so proud to be your big brother, because in many ways, I was your little brother.

Love you, O!