Summer Blood

Summer seeps silently into my blood

But in many ways I fear the days that have gone.

But I won't worry myself.

The active years are few.

But I've been searching so long,

So much left to do....

Summer time...

Few harsh words from a mouth are all I can take,

Boots to the grind, til there is no time left to waste.

But I won't hurry myself,

The active years are gone.

It's all been so easy...

Since I let myself go...

So let yourself go...

Let yourself go!

(Woot woot!)

Heartache comes in different forms don't you think?

Beauty lies to the eyes of the mind on the brink.

But I will find an answer.

Scale the cliff's broad smile

Or maybe chop the mountain down,

Or maybe go crazy for a while.

So lets go crazy for a while...

Crazy for a while...

So let the shimmering sun start raising your blood like the tide

Your restless mind too proud to confide in a smile

Maybe go crazy for a while

Yes, maybe, things go crazy for a while...

lyrics by Henry, in pencil in his journal (not dated)

Phantom Vibration

   Henry was a part of a dream-pop band based out of St. Paul, MN. The band consisted of Henry (guitar) and his friend Dan (vocals, keyboards) initially, joined by Gunnar (drums) in 2010 and Zack (bass) in 2013.

   Phantom played shows around the Twin Cities and Midwest throughout 2011, 2012, and 2013. Venues included places like 7th Street Entry in Minneapolis, Earlham College in Indiana, and Henry's dad's basement in St. Paul.

​   Phantom Vibration released three EPs together and were working on their next project before Henry's death.

  Check out their music and let your mind wander blissfully!